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Our People

Career Pathing:

WuXi AppTec’s most valuable resources are our employees. Our approach to employee development and career progression focuses developing well rounded technical and business leaders through multiple career paths. We offer progression as an individual contributor, a technical expert or through a managerial career path. WuXi AppTec employees build depth and breadth in the organization through a variety of experiences including cross functional teams, stretch assignments, key projects and initiatives, and rotational assignments. We partner this with strong mentorship and ongoing training programs to provide every employee with the opportunities to develop and grow their career at WuXi.

Performance Management:

WuXi AppTec employees participate in a performance management process that is built upon specific measurable goals and our companies’ core competencies and leadership competencies. This process provides clear direction and priorities for the organization which then creates clear expectations for employees. We promote candid conversations and believe in the value of feedback for all employees at all levels. This approach strengthens individual, team and organizational capabilities.


WuXi AppTec is a global company with employees and clients around the world. We operate across cultures and serve a broadly diverse client base. We believe that success in our global marketplace requires that we create a corporate culture and an inclusive business environment of talented individuals, with varied perspectives, skills, and experiences. The collaboration of varied cultures and perspectives in our organization differentiates us as an employer and a company well positioned to meet the needs of our global clients.