Chemistry Services

Our Mission

To build the world’s strongest chemistry technology and solution organization with unprecedented capacity and knowledge base to serve the pharmaceutical/biotech, agrochemical, performance chemical, food and other chemical industries.

Our Commitment


  • Strong operations team from material sourcing and compound management to import/export efficiency to shorten cycle time
  • Access to central stock of more than 20,000 reagents and WuXi designed templates


  • Dedicated purification team to support the synthesis team (1 per 10 chemists)
  • Well-established and consistently enforced productivity measures

Problem Solving:

  • Every chemist has access to Reaxys and in-house Reaction Manual
  • In-house network of experts of different reaction types


  • Dedicated project leader, customer service representative, and an on-the-ground Business Development team
  • Transparent, proactive, and professional

Our Facilities

Three state-of-the-art laboratories located at Shanghai, Tianjin, and Wuhan.

Our Services

With unparalleled capacity and expertise in chemistry, we offer a full range of services from synthetic chemistry to chiral separations, from small molecule synthesis to peptide and peptidomimetics, from nucleoside to fluorinated building blocks, from milligram preparation to kilogram GLP scale-up, from reagent service to compound management, all led by experts of the respective fields.

You may reach us anytime at
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